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Finding The Right Fit For A Piano Teacher

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

What goes into finding a good piano teacher? You can look online, you can get recommendations from friends, but what is the best route? There are many variables that go into that question. Are you looking for someone to teach you songs, or are you looking for someone to teach you how to become a pianist/ musician. There is a vast difference. Then there are different genres and different approaches to learning piano. Do you want to learn Jazz? That is different than classical. Do you want to learn how to play a couple of pop songs, that too is its own world. Other things to take into account are personality and enthusiasm for the craft. Then there is the issue of skill set and experience. All of these things should be taken into account when selecting the next person to work with you or your family. In other words, your piano teacher should be able to play the piano. You would be surprised at how many piano teachers cannot play the instrument they teach.

In other words; I try to meet the needs of my students...

I realize that not every student comes to the bench with the same skillset!

In working with my students over the years, I have found that it’s important to help my students achieve the goals that they have for themselves. In other words; I try to meet the needs of my students, opposed to giving them material that is beyond their reach. I feel it’s important to build up to certain goals and expectations, and at the same time I feel it is very important to make music and piano as fun as possible.

I believe in training musicians. I like my students to have a large repertoire of music at the ready to go! What is the sense of learning a beautiful song, just to forget it!? So, my students are encouraged to memorize all the music they learn and perform it for a recital presentation in front of a live audience. This builds confidence and strength within my students, and something that I encourage each of my students to do. Anything that advances, strengthens, and empowers my students... I am for!

I always tell new prospects, you may not choose me, but make sure the teacher you choose competes, has recitals, and creates opportunities for their students to grow! And if you are reading this blog, trying to decide where to go and what to do; from one parent to another, do your homework, decide what you want out of piano lessons and go from there. Good luck, and I hope to see you in the fall!

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