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My Music and Media

Experience the passion and talent of a true music aficionado. With over 30 years of experience as a professional pianist, music is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life. Whether it's captivating audiences with stunning solo performances, collaborating with renowned musicians, or creating the perfect musical ambiance for your special event, every project is approached with an unwavering dedication to excellence. From heartwarming singles to captivating theatrical productions and commercial work, explore a range of current and upcoming projects that showcase the diverse talents of this musical master. Get ready to be swept away by the beauty and artistry of music that truly comes from the heart.



Queen Of The Nile

Behold, a magnum opus crafted from the depths of my heart and soul, a creation that emerged from the sweetest bond between a father and his beloved daughter. My inaugural Broadway production is a testament to my undying love and devotion to music and the people who inspire me. Every aspect, from the captivating story and mesmerizing lyrics to the intricate libretto and awe-inspiring orchestration, was meticulously crafted by the masterful hands of Tim O'Neil, a composer who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of musical excellence. Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing melodies and the heart-wrenching emotions of this monumental production, which has been born from the very essence of passion and artistry.

Do I Really Want This
The Challenge _ Just Believe
Assume The Role


Woodland Piano Suite

Indulge in the serene tranquility of nature with my latest musical masterpiece - a project close to my heart. Combining the soul-stirring beauty of nature with the grandeur of orchestral music, this creation is nothing short of a marvel. Nominated for a DMA, the intricate and immersive melodies will take you on a journey you won't soon forget. Be prepared to be spellbound by the exquisite piano pieces that will transport you to a different world altogether. This project is a testament to my love for music and my dedication to creating something truly unforgettable.

Pete's Hideaway - Pure Michigan
Tim O'Neil, Piano, Project Dream, Mark Spaulding, The Dream


Project Dream

Step into the world of Dr. Mark Spaulding's upcoming audio book, where every word is a vivid painting of emotion and every dream is a new adventure. In collaboration with the talented pianist, a captivating hour-long musical journey awaits. The simplicity of the piano arrangements creates a delicate balance with the rich and soulful prose of Dr. Spaulding, immersing listeners in a world of beauty and wonder. Get ready to be swept away by the power of our collaboration.

Project Dream -part 1
Project Dream - part 2
Project Dream - part 3


Nostalgia 70

Transport yourself back in time with this collection of nostalgic tunes that capture the essence of my youth. These songs are more than just a throwback waiting to happen; they are a musical journey through the past, a reminder of the joy and excitement of bygone days. So come along with me and rediscover the sounds that defined a generation.

Steve Austin Undercover Intel Breach
Nostalgia 70, Tim O'Neil, Salire, Steve Austin, original music, new music


Piano Works

Tim O'Neil, piano works, original composition, grosse pointe, piano, etude, hopeless, charm

As you listen to the enchanting melodies of these musical compositions, you'll feel yourself being transported to a world of pure magic and wonder. Each note, each chord, has been carefully crafted to evoke a sense of mystery and beauty that is unlike anything you've ever heard before. The intricate interplay of the piano's keys will leave you spellbound, as you discover a world of new sounds and textures that you never even knew existed. Whether you're seeking relaxation, inspiration, or simply a moment of pure musical bliss, these compositions are sure to captivate your heart and soul. With their mystical and beautiful quality, they are the perfect addition to any music lover's collection.

Etude in C Minor Op 12 No 4 SMALL
Hopeless, Hurt & Deconstructed
(DUET) Charm of the Viper


Heroic Adventures

Behold, fellow seekers of wonder and adventure! I have journeyed into the depths of my childhood memories and emerged with a collection of musical compositions that are inspired by some of the most iconic superheroes of all time. These compositions are the result of a deep passion and reverence for the power of heroes, both in their stories and in their symbolism.

With each note, I have sought to capture the essence of these legendary figures, infusing my music with the same epic grandeur and indomitable spirit that has made them so beloved across generations. From the soaring melodies of Superman to the brooding intensity of Batman, these compositions will transport you to a world of heroism and heroics that will leave you breathless.

But my music is not just an homage to these superheroes of old; it is also a celebration of the power of heroism itself. Whether you are battling the forces of darkness in your everyday life or seeking to uplift the world with your own acts of courage and kindness, my compositions will inspire and empower you to become the hero you were always meant to be.

So come, fellow adventurers, and let us embark on a journey of heroic proportions, guided by the power and majesty of my musical compositions. Together, we will soar to new heights and unlock the infinite potential of the human spirit!

Tim O'Neil, batman, dont make me angry, music, piano, composition, original music
I am Batman
Dont Make Me Angry



Visions, Tim O'Neil, Piano, musical, alien regression, grosse pointe farms, piano music

Immerse yourself in a captivating story of self-discovery and adventure with Visions. Follow the journey of Henry, a man who finds himself on an otherworldly quest that challenges his perceptions of reality and the universe. This powerful tale is brought to life through dynamic storytelling on stage, weaving together mesmerizing visuals and an enchanting musical score that will leave you breathless. Join us as we explore the depths of the human experience and the mysteries that lie beyond with Visions.

Visions Overture
The Greys
Out Of My Reality
The Regression


Commercial Jingles

Transformed: "With the power of music, I bring brands to life through captivating commercial work. Crafting melodies that sing to the soul, I create light-hearted jingles and short melodies that grab your attention from the first note and leave a lasting impression. Using my expertise to infuse the perfect hook and rhythm, I am able to capture the essence of a brand and transform it into a memorable tune that sticks with you long after it's heard."

What About Us
Lazy Time
Jeffrey's Diddy 1
Country Pickin
Jeffrey's Diddy 2
A Capital Idea
Commercial music, jingles, tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, original music
WII Style
tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, piano, requiem, Mike Novak, original music, composition, piano, grosse pointe, michigan



Each note, each melody, each chord progression is a heartfelt tribute to those who have touched my life and are now gone. The music serves as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, a way to keep their memory alive and honor their legacy. Each composition is a reflection of the depth of my love for them, a way to express the emotions that words alone cannot convey. Through my music, their spirits live on, resonating in the hearts of those who listen and bringing solace to those who mourn.

The Walk (For My Father)
Gotham at 6: A Requiem Dedicated to Michael Novak


Piano With Orchestra

Looking for something beyond just solo piano pieces? Look no further. My compositions explore the intricate interplay between the piano and other instruments. From the haunting melody of a violin to the bold and brass presence of a trumpet, each instrument brings a unique voice to the composition. I take great pleasure in weaving together multiple layers of sound to create a rich and dynamic musical experience. Among my many pieces, there are a few that are especially close to my heart. I invite you to explore these favorites and discover the magic of collaboration between instruments.

Amelia's Song
The Greatest Love
Snow Queen
Come To Me
The Greatest Love
Finnigans Run
No Place to Go
Tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, original music, piano, grosse pointe, Detroit, original music, piano and orchestral
A Girl, A Bridge, & Cherry Blossoms
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