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My Music and Media

Music and Piano is not a hobby for me, it is a way of life.  This page will give you a sampling of my current and up coming projects, ranging from single releases and theatrical productions to commercial work.



Queen Of The Nile

My first broadway show.  The show was a labor of love; written for my daughter Alora.

Story, lyrics, libretto and orchestration - Tim O'Neil

Do I Really Want This
The Challenge _ Just Believe
Assume The Role


Woodland Piano Suite

A favorite personal project of mine, creating music with a twist of nature.  Nominated for a DMA, this one so much fun to produce!  Big orchestral arrangement with a focus on Piano!

Pete's Hideaway - Pure Michigan
Tim O'Neil, Piano, Project Dream, Mark Spaulding, The Dream


Project Dream

When Dr. Mark Spaulding asked my to underscore his new upcoming audio book, I jumped at the opportunity.  Simple piano music scored to his beautiful prose.  Almost a full hour of music focused on his emotion, word, and dream.

Project Dream -part 1
Project Dream - part 2
Project Dream - part 3


Nostalgia 70

Some songs are just a throw back waiting to happen.  This collection reflects the feel of my youth.  Take a trip back with me on some new songs from a by gone era.

Steve Austin Undercover Intel Breach
Nostalgia 70, Tim O'Neil, Salire, Steve Austin, original music, new music
Tim O'Neil, piano works, original composition, grosse pointe, piano, etude, hopeless, charm


Piano Works

Simple piano compositions.

Etude in C Minor Op 12 No 4 SMALL
Hopeless, Hurt & Deconstructed
(DUET) Charm of the Viper


Heroic Adventures

Music inspired by some of my childhood heroes!

I am Batman
Dont Make Me Angry
Tim O'Neil, batman, dont make me angry, music, piano, composition, original music



Visions, Tim O'Neil, Piano, musical, alien regression, grosse pointe farms, piano music

One of my passions is story telling on stage.  Visions is about Henry, a man who finds himself on an out of this world journey of discovery and  reality that he is not ready to face.  

Visions Overture
The Greys
Out Of My Reality
The Regression


Commercial Jingles

Commercial work is a cornerstone of my production company..  Light hearted Jingles and short melodies with a good hook capture the attention quickly.

What About Us
Lazy Time
Jeffrey's Diddy 1
Country Pickin
Jeffrey's Diddy 2
A Capital Idea
WII Style
Commercial music, jingles, tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, original music
tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, piano, requiem, Mike Novak, original music, composition, piano, grosse pointe, michigan



Music written for those I have lost and loved deeply.

The Walk (For My Father)
Gotham at 6: A Requiem Dedicated to Michael Novak


Piano With Orchestra

I love the idea of playing with other instruments.  I enjoy writing for many instruments and having them interact with piano.  A few of these songs are my absolute favorite; I hope you enjoy them as well.

Amelia's Song
The Greatest Love
Snow Queen
Come To Me
The Greatest Love
Finnigans Run
No Place to Go
Tim oneil, Tim O'Neil, original music, piano, grosse pointe, Detroit, original music, piano and orchestral
A Girl, A Bridge, & Cherry Blossoms
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