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Beethoven Knows Best

I have always admired Beethoven. His passion, his inner strength, and sheer will to be a musician who was so well trained, that he could write music being totally deaf. I remember when I first received Für Elise as a study. I felt as if I was becoming a serious musician, at eight years old. I have always enjoyed playing Beethovens great works, from Sonatinas to the Moonlight, pr the ninth symphony to the Pathétique... His works are timeless and beautiful.

Music theory is the study of fundamental music skills. Theory does not require the study of an instrument, however it does give you the building blocks on how to orchestrate for all instruments. As part of my theory class, I like to add a bit of music history to give my students a well rounded understanding of who Beethoven was and a summary of his amazing life. As a person, not a musician, I relate greatly to Beethoven and his temperament. He was flawed and very human, but filled with passion and undeniable determination. His music was really my first true love. So, I found great joy in producing this little documentary of Beethoven for my theory class. The best part, my class loved the effort and is asking for more. Mozart is next on the list. If you have a moment to check out a bit of my video, you too can learn about one of my greatest musical heroes.

I give you the great.... Beethoven!

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