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Top Tips for Practicing Music at Home

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The art of practicing piano.

One of the foundational principles I have found in teaching, is something that I call "the four D’s”. The first being Desire. I assume that if you are reading this blog, you have a desire to learn something about piano and piano lessons from a qualified piano instructor. The second is Discipline, if you want to succeed at piano, you have to have a bit of self-discipline. This is a sport of "personal best" and without discipline, there is no achievement. Piano is a highly technical instrument and it takes time and concentration to master. Then there is Dedication and Determination. If you are dedicated and determined to truly become a pianist and musician, then you will achieve your goal.

I come with the understanding and expectation that most people who want to learn piano have a desire to do something exceptional! From the onset we both understand that this is not an easy task, otherwise you wouldn’t need a piano instructor. So we have to set up a discipline. I tell most people "You have to choose the discipline that is right for you!"

Some people can sit down at the piano and practice for hours on end… And other people have extremely short attention span’s, and can’t sit for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. So the best way that we can get into a proper discipline of practice, is by setting up a schedule that is consistent and obtainable. You may be a morning person, and you might want to get up early and take 15 minutes to sit down and go over a part of the piece that you’re studying that may be challenging. Maybe you have time after dinner or before you go to bed where you can break up your practice throughout the day to get the most progress and enjoyment out of your instrument. There is no hard fast set rule that states what a proper practice schedule looks like, that’s always up to the individual. I have found though, the more that you practice, the easier playing the piano becomes, even though the music maybe getting more and more challenging.

The key is consistency; if you can achieve a consistent practice discipline with piano, then you are on the path to flourish in piano!

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